Snug harbor



Editors, Maggie Bernot & Annie MacMillan

Commodore Mary Shaw Reports:

Hello everyone I hope you are having a good summer. The neighborhood looks great with the newly installed Royal Palm trees. Thank you to Roger Bernot who made it happen, those who purchased trees and those who gave donations. There are even trees at the Clubhouse and the cost for them came out of donations, not your association’s budget.

There was another act of vandalism at the clubhouse, with expensive repairs needed on the air conditioner. Also there have been 2 water line breaks. Many thanks to Renee Saum for taking care of the air conditioner and to Kelly Cook and, Norm Poole for handling the water leaks. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated people working for all of us.

Please Note: If you see suspicious activity around the harbor or clubhouse, call the police and then a Board member, a list of Board member names is provided in the front of your directory.

***Hurricane season is really just beginning. Please remember that an all hands on deck at the clubhouse would be greatly appreciated. If one is coming just show up, you are needed.

We are looking forward to the fall and the return of all our friends & neighbors.


All our dedicated volunteers who happen to be quietly doing a great job for our neighborhood!

You are all SUPERSTARS and we thank you.


** Karl Wickstrom: Snug Harbor Yacht Club is a member of the "Rivers Coalition". Please send your Donations to- Rivers Coalition Defense Fund, POBox 2627, Stuart, FL 34995

** Boat Trailers: All trailers are to be parked on the point after launching your boat. If there is a clubhouse event the parking becomes an issue.

**Call 911. Most people call a friend or a neighbor before calling the police, but this could waste valuable time, and possibly cause a dangerous situation to become uncontrollable. If you feel funny about reporting something to 911 you can call the non-emergency police #220-7170. Police car presence is a good thing, and one of the best deterrents to a criminal. So call the police first and then alert your neighbors.

**Yard Debris: Recently a yard service company has been putting large piles of yard waste on the empty lot on St. Lucie Blvd. This is not allowed; it is unsightly & attracts critters. If you see someone dumping note the name and call the police or a Board member. Tell your yard service not to do this. If debris is cut by the owner it can be placed on the street in front of your house. Hired landscape crews are supposed to haul away clippings. The county does not pick up their debris.

Snug Harbor Neighborhood:

***Reene Saum asks to remember that anything seems out of place in the Clubhouse folks should call her right away.

*** For reservations at the clubhouse please call Renee Saum.

*** Note: Private parties over ten people are charged a small fee. Since most big paying parties are on a weekend the board asks that if you have a small free party could it be booked on a weekday.

***Walter Goldberg wants to remind everyone that it is harmful to trim the live fronds from palms, when trimmed keep the 3 to 9 o'clock rule. Royals never trim.

*** Trim your fichus trees they need to be trimmed so the wind will blow through them. Two fichus trees went down when a thunderstorm with winds went through the neighborhood in June.

Attention: Gabe Sanders is working on a website for Snug Harbor, and would welcome input regarding content. We plan to have the documents, calendar, and other important information. Call Gabe with suggestions.

Snug Harbor Social Events:

Annie Mac says let's get together in October for the "Fall Harvest Potluck Dinner!" OCT 23, 2010

Flyers will go out in October

Hip, Hip Hooray!!!

for one of the best Homecoming events ever. We must thank

Pat and Doyle Cloud for yummy ribs & chicken on their Famous Memphis Smoker. Roger Bernot for the Margaritas and Jeff Bowers for beverages and the kegerator! A good time was had by all . So many to thank. All who pitched in take a bow your help made it a success.


One of our Hero's, our dear neighbor

John Potthoff passed away in June. He was an Original SHYC member. You will be missed John.

Our prayers, love and sympathy to Christine.

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The next Board meetings will be:

Monday Sept 13th ,Oct 11th , Nov 8th @6:30

All meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month